We offer more grid options. All our grids are internal (in between the panes of glass) so you don't have to clean around them when washing windows. Choose from flat, split color, contour, or wood interior grids (or muntins) in colonial (square) or diamond patterns.

V-groove glass is beautiful. It adds an element of sophistication to a room or a particular window. V-groove also comes in colonial or diamond patterns, as well as Double Prairie (double border around the edge of the glass).

Brass pencil muntins (if your style calls for it) makes your home shine.

Bronze, gray or bronze solar cool (almost mirror like) tinted glass options give you protection from bright sun or nosy neighbors and can be selected for any window.

Often referred to as "frosted", obscure glass is a translucent glass, which allows light in, but prevents outsiders from seeing inside. It's perfect for bathrooms or any room where you desire this effect.

Building codes control where and when tempered (safety) glass must be used. If broken, tempered glass splits into thousands of tiny pieces and can reduce possible injury. While tempered glass can add to the cost of a window the safety factor can be well worth it.

This glass is commonly known as the glass that filters out ultraviolet light. It helps to slow fading of carpets and drapes, Low'E' is also a heat reflective coating within glass that raises the R-value (insulation value) of glass. It bounces heat back to its source, whether that source is the sun in summer, or your furnace in winter. You stay more comfortable and save money on heating and cooling your home. We use the best Low'E' glass in our area. Pilkington's Energy Advantage hard coat. The #1 rated Low'E' glass in Canada for energy efficiency.

When injected between two panes of glass, Argon gas is completely invisible, yet it slows down the conduction of cold from outside to inside, again increasing the R-value of glass.

Now there's a revolutionary new kind of glass that actually uses the power of the sun to clean itself...Pilkington Activ Self-Cleaning Glass.